sonic x reader x tails doll

(N)= name (H)= hair color (E)= eye color (F)=favorite color TD= Tails Doll ~ STORY 1~ You wake up, yawning. TD was fast asleep next to you. Life seemed so simple peaceful and happy. until the doll came back Now murder to (Tails Doll and the others don't belong to me:3 this was a request so enjoy!) creepy. creppy ( X Reader) by LittleKytten9. Forever Mine!. Read Tails doll X reader from the story Sonic boy x readers (completed) Request Closed by Shadic with 649kz9zehmw.tkerman wanted that we all. GamesSonic the Hedgehog. Follow/ K pluss because it's tails doll and this will not be a lemon.) AN: Ok, this is my first character x reader fic. One day you were hanging out with your friends lily and violet who love risks. When dare to Tails doll x reader Yandere Sonic x reader by Flamencogirl

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